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About RingWord

RingWord Inc. was formed by Tom Roberts Jozaitis and Matt Gabbard in 2013 to make you and your phone numbers unforgettable. We link your phone number to a related and memorable word that you choose for your business or for yourself. It can be a product, your company name, your name, or a nickname. Our goal is to make advertising better by eliminating the repetition of phone numbers and making it easier for consumers to remember how to contact you. Further, our personal RingWords make it easy for friends and loved ones to always reach you even if they don't remember your phone number.

What are some uses?


Increase your business and sales. Instead of wasting precious air time advertising your phone number, (that no one will remember anyway) get a RingWord.


Always be available to your friends, family, and associates with a cool RingWord. Change your phone? Have a new number? Update your profile and your family can always reach you.

Website Redirect

Miss out on the Internet domain name boom? Are the good domain names taken? Are you stuck with How about Then you could tell people, "RW:JellyBean will get you directly to my website."

How Does It Work ? Checkout Our Video.

Advertisers would benefit by writing better, more memorable ads. Instead of spending 1/3 of the ad promoting a forgettable phone number, they reinforce the product being sold with a RingWord.

"Repeating 877-555-6318 over and over not only irritates people listening or watching TV, it often causes them to change the channel."
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